Abitart, the italian house dedicated to fashion

It's the mix between a unique design and a targeted marketing strategy that has allowed Abitart, the Roman women's clothing and accessories...


It’s the mix between a unique design and a targeted marketing strategy that has allowed Abitart, the Roman women’s clothing and accessories brand, to boost its profits steadily by 30% year after year, to open up new stores in the Italian capital and to look to international markets as well, where Abitart has already opened up retail channels in the Arab countries and in Spain. The company is also evaluating partnerships in Africa and has received attention and business proposals from London.

Abitart, the value of Made in Italy

“The Made in Italy product is highly valued in these countries, customers appreciate clothes, shoes and bags that are designed and manufactured in Italy, like ours”, says Abitart’s general manager Paolo d’Aniello. “Besides, we have the agility of a Sme to move quickly on the market”.

paolo d'aniello
Paolo d’Aniello

The creative process is handled by the creativity of designer Vanessa Foglia, who signs all Abitart’s collections, while all of the manufacturing takes place in Lazio, divided between a Roman laboratory and a plant in Frosinone, using exclusively Italian fabrics and materials.
The first flagship store was opened in via della Croce, near Piazza di Spagna, in the very center of Rome, but through the years Abitart has added new outlets, in via Cola di Rienzo and in the Euroma2 shopping mall. The company has also building an e-commerce option for shoppers wishing to buy online.

Read the costumers’ desires

Being a Sme (14,000 items manufactured per year, about 20 people on the staff and a turnover of around 2 million euros per year) Abitart has the capacity to adjust its output and commercialization to demand, following a close and careful monitoring of the market coordinated by d’Aniello and Foglia.

“It’s the ‘vibe’ of our Made-in-Italy colorful and high-quality product that attracts our customers”, says d’Aniello, “but we have also a particular ability to read our customers’ desires and to create unique, almost customized, items”.

The dedication to fashion

In fact, Abitart defines itself not only as a business but also as a house of fashion. Its collections are based on a thorough research of fabrics and market demands and offer customers not what fashion dictates but what the customers themselves wish to find in the stores. “Fashion requires dedication”, says d’Aniello, “and the Made in Italy brand is a valuable asset that companies must leverage, designing and manufacturing in Italy, because customers all over the world want to buy the emotions that only the made in Italy product can offer and that make Italian products always stand out”.