Aboca, high-quality natural remedies from Italy

Quality from the seed to the finished product is what makes Aboca a success case. The Italian company has been known for years for...

Quality from the seed to the finished product is what makes Aboca a success case. The Italian company has been known for years for its herbal teas. Today, its portfolio spans from wellness and beauty products to remedies for ailments like cough, acid reflux and constipation. All the products are made in Italy: about 65% of the raw material is grown between the hills of Tuscany and Umbria and all of it is processed in the factories based in Umbria, in the Val Tiberina.

Aboca, a new “Made in Italy” model

In fact, not all of the plants can be grown in Italy, because they need a different climate. Aboca has succeeded in adapting its truly made-in-Italy model to the portion of seeds and plants it doesn’t grow domestically: it closely monitors their growing and farming in foreign countries to guarantee the implementation of the same quality standards and research methods it uses at home.

Aboca, high-quality between the Tuscan hills

And high-quality processes are indeed Aboca’s mantra. The company was founded in 1978 by Valentino Mercati who made it a real life project, motivated by a loyalty to what is truly natural. Mr. Mercati, after purchasing a farm in the Tuscan hills in a location called Aboca, fell in love with the world of organic agriculture and medicinal herbs and made that piece of land the starting point for exploring new frontiers in man’s relation with nature.

Valentino Mercati - Aboca
Valentino Mercati

Today Aboca’s products made from organic plants generate a yearly turnover of 95 million euros. The company employs around 600 people, considering the headquarters in San Sepolcro (Arezzo), the farms in the Val Tiberina and Val di Chiana, the production sites in the Val Tiberina and the research labs, where around 40 people are employed and 7% of the yearly turnover is reinvested.

Aboca, research and verticalized production

“Research has always guided Aboca’s activities”, says Davide Mercati, Aboca’s director of Media Planning and Public Relations. “The exceptional innovative capacity that Aboca boasts today is the result of significant, ongoing investments in different areas of research”. In fact, quality product is based on quality raw materials: only in this way can it be organic, safe, effective. This means that not only Aboca checks but it guarantees the results for each phase, from the seed to the finished product, thanks to a completely verticalized production cycle.

In the last few years the Italian company was able to expand its business abroad, reaching over a dozen markets (Spain, Poland, Romania among the most relevant). Today about 15% of the revenues is generated by export. “This result was achieved thanks to a long-term vision: we never plan only for today, but we look at the big picture with long-term strategies”, says Davide Mercati.