Want to know more about the real Italy? Italian innovation, Italian entrepreneurship, Italian creativity, the excellence of Made in Italy, as well as Italy’s culture, history and tradition?
Italian Good News, is the first blog in the English language dedicated to bringing you good news from Italy. Created for an international audience, the blog publishes original articles focusing on good news stories from Italy. Topics range from business and technology, to architecture and design, culture and history, featuring news from well established Italian brands to young start-ups, with a particular focus on the talent and industriousness that characterize the traditional activities of ‘Made in Italy’.

Investing in Italy: The idea behind Italian Good News
In this period of economic uncertainty, Italian Good News is the ambassador of the positive news and developments from the Italian economic and business world. Much of the good news originates from Italian small and medium-sized enterprises , which form the social and economic fabric of this nation.
It is estimated that there are almost 4 million SMEs in ttaly, the largest number of SME per country with the EU, and almost double than that of Germany ( 2.06 million ). New businesses and innovative startups continue to enter the Italian market keeping it dynamic and vibrant.
Italian Good News offers insights into these companies , including interviews with the entrepreneurs, designers, architects and artists that pursue excellence in the ‘Bel Paese’.

This news is born of the desire to recount the other Italy, not the one often portrayed in the international press, but the country that combines a rich entrepreneurial tradition with great potential to continue to grow and build on its position as the home of excellence. A country with prospects and opportunities and one in which we can, and should, invest.

Not just tourism, fashion and food: an Italy to discover
Italian Good News blog is divided into categories, all dedicated to the Italian panorama: “Must reads” is the section devoted to news related to Italy from all over the world, “SME’s” has a dedicated focus on small and medium enterprises , “Post Expo 2015” keeps you informed about Milan after the Expo which ran from May to October 2015, “Business and Technology” is the section devoted to highlighted the business and technology community while “lifestyle” is a mix of ideas, news and features to help you explore our beautiful country and really live the Italian dolce vita!

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