ACE, the Dean of MIP Politecnico di Milano is the new chairman

Andrea Sianesi, Dean of MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business has been nominated for the next two years as Chairman of ACE, the...


Andrea Sianesi, Dean of MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business has been nominated for the next two years as Chairman of ACE, the prestigious Alliance of Chinese and European Business Schools. He was elected in Beijing by the Deans of twenty European and Chinese ACE founder member business schools.

ACE, a bridge between Europe and China

ACE was founded in 2013 in Angers, France, under the aegis of EFMD and with the strong support of France’s ESCCA School of Management and EFMD Asia. ACEThe Association gathers together twenty leading European and Chinese business schools, one for each of the European countries that are members of the association (Italy being represented by MIP) and ten from China.

All ACE partners are active members of EFMD – the European Foundation for Management Development, a network of over 800 well-regarded organisations operating in the field of management in 81 countries around the world and, for over 40 years, committed to increasing the quality of management education. Among other aspects, it manages the EQUIS accreditation system, which was established in 1997 as the first global standard for auditing and assessing institutes outside their national boundaries.

Chinese market increasingly important for Italy

Andrea Sianesi_ACE
Andrea Sianesi

“I am delighted to accept this recognition”, said Andrea Sianesi. “It underlines the wonderful reputation that MIP and Politecnico di Milano have achieved in China, where we have been working actively and successfully for many years. The Chinese market is becoming increasingly important for Italy, both in terms of import-export and because many Italian businesses are now partners with Chinese companies. MIP believes that it is crucial to give our business and management fabric the skills and network they need to face the new challenges that these opportunities bring”.

ACE Master, an innovative programme

This is certainly one reason why MIP has launched its proposal to implement an innovative study programme within the ACE framework, to set in place a formal structure for the European and Chinese resources. This concept is behind the ACE Master, a programme on which MIP has been working for the past six years with six Chinese business schools, Beijing Jiaotong, PolyU, UCAS, SHUFE, SWUFE and XIAMEN University.

The aim of ACE is to achieve academic excellence and exploit the synergy between research and education in order to prepare future generations of managers in the best way possible. The course involves a common programme under the ACE brand, an exchange programme between students and teachers, conferences covering research and projects, and the development of modules with international talent. At the core of the project is sharing experiences and developing an increasingly more international base for teaching and research. This initiative is closely linked to the work of the EMFD, which ensures strong commitment to better and improved quality.