An Italian startup gives presents to clients every day is a portal full of presents. This Italian startup idea started from a website founded in 2014 with an objective of... is a portal full of presents. This Italian startup idea started from a website founded in 2014 with an objective of ensuring maximum visibility to the diverse business activities by offering a gift.

The concept of iOmaggi

The proposal is revolutionary and advantageous both for customers and for users. In a clear and accessible way, they are available on the platform freebies offered by customers’ structures, directly downloaded for free from the website. They are the most diverse: an extra night in the hotel, rather than a free professional makeup session for a special occasion, a dinner carer in delicious and renowned restaurants in the most beautiful cities in Italy, spa treatments and more. The variety of gifts is a result of the wealth of commercial activities: hotels, B&Bs, spas and restaurants that, by joining, they have got the opportunity to promote themselves and increase the customer base.

Gifts and bonuses on a website
Gifts and bonuses on a website

An Italian startup idea has loyalty as an output is configured, therefore, as a true digital display, which, in addition to increasing the online visibility of advertiser facilities (customers), provides a higher turnover by exploiting the attractive gift idea; the latter, if the services offered will be proved equal to the expectation of the user, is also a lever for loyalty.

The Italian startup company iOmaggi collaborates with restaurants, hotels, schools, health and wellness centres.

The company, with its services, satisfies both the need of the user who signs up for free to the portal and get an economic advantage with a tribute (products and services as gifts or partially free), both the company and the advertiser, as it obtained an increase of its business through marketing campaigns (DEM, newsletters, social media and marketing, blog, off-line campaigns, etc.) as well as the loyalty of new customers.

The team of iOmaggi, inside and outside the corporate structure, consists of skilled programmers, graphic designers, commercial, creative and web marketing experts. Their experience, almost entirely created on the field, allows them to grow the business of their advertisers and to enable members to get free gifts and good gifts, or economic advantages.