Ancap’s porcelain: Italian design and artisanality

Italian art and artisanality combined with technology and innovations: that's the savvy mix that makes the Italian company Ancap a leader in porcelain, able to...


Italian art and artisanality combined with technology and innovations: that’s the savvy mix that makes the Italian company Ancap a leader in porcelain, able to offer the market a vast assortment of quality products, 100% Made in Italy. Ancap was founded in 1964 by Giuseppe Boschini, an expert connoisseur of the porcelain market and porcelain decoration. Today, Ancap’s production plant, near Verona, covers an area of 20,000 square meters and employs about 170 professionals, while the distribution network spans throughout Italy and abroad. Demand for Ancap’s products is growing on several foreign markets, from America to Australia and Japan.

Ancap mission, a personalized and original product

Ancap divides its production into three areas, the retail division, structured to respond to the widest possible range of market needs, from precious classical patterns to the most sophisticated design trends; the hotel-restaurant division; and the coffee division, for roast coffee shops. In all of these areas, Ancap’s mission is to provide a product that is personalized and original, thanks to the maximum attention to detail and to the constant pursuit of technical innovation and beauty. Ancap’s products are always in line with contemporary trends and moods, evolving with fashion. Ever since the ’90s, Ancàp has devoted special attention to design, collaborating with renowned designers and architects.

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Ancap secret: high quality materials

The quality of Ancap’s products is also assured by its exclusive use of hard feldspar porcelain. In fact, Ancap devotes its production to just one particular type of white, translucent porcelain, which is extremely hard and compact, offering strength and superior quality. It is the result of exclusive production processes, carefully monitored in every detail. Firing is done at a very high temperature to ensure optimum blending of the components and resulting in compactness, absence of porosity and ability to withstand thermal shock. Besides the use of high-quality raw materials, what makes Ancap stand out is the skill of its workers: a significant part of the production process is done by hand.

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Simone Boschini

“We believe that foreign markets represent a huge opportunity for companies like us that chose bravely, with passion and commitment, to produce in Italy, investing in a superior-quality product”, says Simone Boschini, director of Marketing of Ancap.“A result of a successful combination of industrial processes and artisanality and art, our porcelains are unique products, interpreted by prominent designers and sometimes branded with widely recognized names of the Made in Italy, including Lavazza and Dolce & Gabbana. We deliver beautiful objects that are at the same time top quality and last in time; this is what Made in Italy stands for. If Italy’s best advertisement abroad is still the coffee cup, today, 50 years after our foundation, Ancàp is still convinced that our porcelains have a lot to say”.