Askoll, the first Italian eco-bike and scooter

A new way to move around town, "democratic", eco-friendly and Made in Italy: the new Askoll electric bike eB1 and electric scooter eS1 are already...

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A new way to move around town, “democratic”, eco-friendly and Made in Italy: the new Askoll electric bike eB1 and electric scooter eS1 are already in stores. The sleek innovative vehicles, the first devoted to the electric mobility entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, stem from the collaboration between Emo design, the industrial design studio based near Treviso, and Askoll, the Italian group from Vicenza, a leader in the production of electrical engines for home appliances and heating systems, that designs, manufactures and sells aquariums, ponds and terrariums, appliance components, heating pumps and automatic assembly lines.

Askoll and Emo Design, a new electric mobility concept

Askoll has recently decided to launch a new electric mobility concept and has now become the only Italian manufacturer and distributor on the sustainable mobility market.In fact, the new electric bike eB1 and electric scooter eS1 are the fulfilment of a desire by Elio Marioni, the owner of Askoll. “We are proud that Askoll and Mr. Marioni have chosen our design studio to realize this Made in Italy dream. Supporting Askoll in completing this ambitious project is a major achievement for our design studio. Askoll’s know-how in the manufacturing of electrical engines and Emo’s expertise in the industrial design field allowed us to create these two products that will help many people move around town easily and in a nature-friendly way”, say Lukasz Bertoli and Carlo Ciciliot, owners of Emo design.

Lukasz Bertoli and Carlo Ciciliot

“This project embodies all the potential of the Made in Italy and proves that it is still possible, even with a top-quality design and manufacturing, to make a democratic product, with an affordable pricing. It’s a project with an ethical dimension, not only because these vehicles are environment-friendly but also because it proves that it is still possibile to manufacture in Italy”, add Bertoli and Ciciliot.

The electric scooter: usability and agility

Emo design has designed the electric bike B1 and the electric scooter S1 based on two pillars: usability and agility. These vehicles are easy to use and allow smooth transportation across the city. Batteries can be easily removed and recharged whenever needed. They are the outcome of an accurate research on details, where Emo design has focused its work to offer the best user experience.

In the B1 the handlebar has an integrated interface that allows to check the trip information. In order to achieve aesthetical pureness, inverted lever brakes have been designed, that, beyond easing the gesture of stopping, help to hide the stopping system cables. The automatic transmission has been mounted into the wheel hub and the security system has been integrated into the seatpost. The S1 is equipped with mounted led lights, the battery is placed into the central body from where it is easily extractable to be recharged directly from home. The scooter has been thought to be customised, indeed a series of accessories as the chest to carry objects, the windscreen and the cover against rain will be presented.

The electric bike B1 and the electric scooter S1 are on sale in the Askoll stores in Italy. The eco-bike and scooter are also available online on Askoll’s website.