BiroRobot, the Robot Made in Italy

Italy has a strong excellence in robotics. One of the latest achievements is the small BiroRobot, a true "Robot Made in Italy" ready to join...

Italian Robot

Italy has a strong excellence in robotics. One of the latest achievements is the small BiroRobot, a true “Robot Made in Italy” ready to join families in their daily lives and help them save money on energy bills, while allowing a more sustainable management of resources that have become scarser.

BiroRobot was develped by Marco Santarelli, Expert in Network Analysis and Critical Infrastructure, director of Network Istituto di Ricerca Internazionale and ReS On Network – Studies on Networks and Critical Infrastructure, CNR associate and a long time collaborator of Italian scientist Margherita Hack. With the contribution of a team of four researchers of the Network Institute and a pool of supporting companies, Santarelli gave birth to a “compact” eco-robot that is only 35 cm high and is powered by solar panels.

An Energy Consultant

The robot works as an “energy consultant” for families: thanks to his sensors, he is able to assess all the (bad) habits of a household and suggest the most appropriate solutions to cut consumptions and obtain savings. The smart machine was tested for a year and equipped along the way with the most up-to-date technologies and features; it was then officially presented in June at an event called REbuild focused on the sustainable management of real estates. Now he’s ready to hit the markets for the holiday season.

A Powerful Software

The heart of BiroRobot is a code developed by Li8Li, with a username and a password. A powerful algorithm allows the robot to make the assessment of the energy habits and consumptions of households, to interact with users, go through energy bills, and suggest new habits that could slash costs up to 30%. The code was recently improved so that BiroRobot’s responses are immediate and users can adjust their habits right away.

The robot is also connected to the user’s devices (Pc, tablet, smartphone) so he can process  the data captured from the home environment and connect to…human energy professionals that can give further suggestions on a smarter use of appliances and lighting. Moreover, Biro has the Google Maps service and its Street View feature installed; he can store the family’s contact list with phone numbers and email addresses, and send SMS and MMS messages.

A true Robot Made In Italy

As a true Robot Made In Italy, BiroRobot is not only smart and hitech, but also…fashionable. In fact, he has a suit, designed by Progetto Manifattura and created by its start-up Ecologina. The suit is made by recycling cloths that the major Italian fashion industries have discarded but are still top quality material that will make the robot an elegant assistant inside our homes.

The Next Step

“Biro – says Marco Santarelli – a robot aimed at families and small consumers, is only the beginning: he will be followed by a more ambitious robot for companies. Businesses in Italy represent 44% of electrical consumption: that is why we are working on a humanoid that is 1.61 meter high and capable of monitoring energy consumption inside enterprises and to assist Energy Managers”.