Bringing Italian excellence global

The annual XV NOVA CONFERENCE takes place on November 21st-22nd, 2015 in New York city, in collaboration with the Columbia Business School and the...

The annual XV NOVA CONFERENCE takes place on November 21st-22nd, 2015 in New York city, in collaboration with the Columbia Business School and the Nova association. The theme of this year’s conference is The Great Beauty: how excellence wins globally, with a focus on Italian excellence in the Fashion, Luxury and Food & Beverage industries. In particular, the conference will look at how these industries drive growth and innovation and how the financial sector can support them in this process. The aim of the conference is to revive Italy’s role in the international arena.

This important international event brings together Italian and American thoughtleaders and business captains and attracts an international audience of more than 200 MBAs, PhDs and alumni from the major North American business schools. Nova, the Italian MBA Association encourages Italians to participate in international MBAs , while fostering the network and the development of this important Italian community and their potential to develop Italian business.

Supporting Italian Excellence

Some of the key challenge to be addressed during the conference include the importance of continuous managerial education and the importance of supporting Italian excellences as they grow internationally.

The Conference enables the establishment of a real network between MBA students and the Italian firms that represent Italian excellences globally. It is also a platform to share the responsibility of the successful globalization efforts of such companies with these well educated students.

The conference includes key note speeches from expert speakers, panels dealing with specific areas of interest, as well as discussions on future trends and possible scenarios for both new and more well-established industries. One of the speakers at the event is Fernando Napolitano. Napolitano is a champion of Italy’s vigorous SME and start-up sector. As founder of the Italian Business and Investment Initiative he is a keen promoter of encounters between Italy’s entrepreneurs and top U.S. venture capitalists, policy makers, academics and other key opinion formers. He is chairman of the steering committee of  BEST Program (a program that focuses on creating high-tech start-ups in Italy via an exchange program with Silicon Valley) and member of the Advisory Board of Mind The Bridge Foundation, a foundation that runs programs to support entrepreneurial ecosystems.

The conference brings together a wealth of talent and experience, and aims to develop a set of strategic initiatives and next steps to tackle some of the important questions facing Italian businesses who want to continue to globalize, while maintaining their identity as references for excellence.