Cardano Club, Made in Italy for the 2.0 gentleman

Italy has long been a symbol of exclusive and designer's fashion. This is not only the expression of a few gifted creators but the fruit...


Italy has long been a symbol of exclusive and designer’s fashion. This is not only the expression of a few gifted creators but the fruit of a tradition of small producers who still handmake their creations to suit a demanding taste. The online boutique is a platform that represents these elements: it defines itself as a premier outlet “for the true gentleman who loves Made in Italy”; here you will find “the most exclusive handmade men’s accessories symbol of the Italian excellence” and exclusive and unique handmade products made in every Italian region, the expression of an expertise that encompasses the entire peninsula. Exclusivity, timeless elegance and traditional craftsmanship is the common trait of all the products on sale; in fact, Cardano’s claim is: “Experience the Excellence of Italian Craftsmanship”.

Cardano, the power of Made in Italy

The Cardano Team
The Cardano Team

Cardano was founded in Milan in 2014. The idea stemmed from a group of five entrepreneurs who wanted to offer their male customers a unique and elegant style with beautifully made products. Roberta Frattini is Cardano CEO and she is the soul of the project. She has experience as a Fashion Manager and a natural talent for discovering new artisanal brands. Fabio Frattini and Cesare Invernizzi, the two young designers from YCS Studio (, are in charge of the Art Direction, while Raffaele Lovero and Alsa Capital are the two financial partners.

All the accessories are the product of an ongoing research and talent scouting effort with a special focus on those artisanal contemporary brands who believe in the power of Made in Italy. The name itself of the project is a tribute to “Italianity”: in fact, Girolamo Cardano was an eclectic protagonist of the Italian Renaissance, a mathematician and a philosopher, physician and astrologist whose charm and power, according to the tradition, impressed even William Shakespeare.

“We strongly believe that the new luxury today is the Italian Product as a synthesis of eclectic and inimitable creativity and a fine and savvy artisanal tradition that has no equal in the world”, says Ceo Roberta Frattini. “If Italy starts to believe again in what it can do best, which is the exclusive artisanal product, then we will experience a new Italian Renaissance. It’s not by chance that our name, Cardano, evokes the genius and versatility of one of the most prominent figures of the Italian Renaissance”.

More than twenty brands of italian excellence

Today there are more than twenty brands of excellence on sale on From tailored pieces (Sciamat) to ties (Calabrese1924, Marinella, Passaggio Cravatte e Petronius), bow ties and clutches (Pret-a-Pochette), braces (Bretelle&Braces) and cufflinks (Davide Solazzi); small leather goods (Cappelli Tesi), glasses (Bob Sdrunk), gloves (Merola), socks (Alto Milano) and umbrellas (Francesco Maglia), and even fragrances (Acqua di Biella 1871, Marfin, Meo Fusciuni and Valobra). Soon Turms, a brand from Marche specialized in shoe care sets, will be part of Cardano and every artisanal set will showcase the logo “Turms for Cardano”.

The company is also planning a “Bespoke” section especially designed to give visibility to Italian tailoring, while in December it will launch a special “Cardano Christmas Box”. Every order is fulfilled in 3 days maximum and the company offers also exclusive packaging for gifts and the possibility to add a personalized card.