Club Esse, an all-round Italian vacation experience

It's recently been voted by TripAdvisor's users as one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy and Europe: Sardinia's La Pelosa, in front of the...


It’s recently been voted by TripAdvisor’s users as one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy and Europe: Sardinia’s La Pelosa, in front of the Asinara isle, is a beloved destination for its spectacular sands, the romantic view, the watch tower, its pure waters. And it’s not the only Sardinian beach that TripAdvisor’s travelers have selected among their favorite sites: Cala Marongiu and Cala Goloritze made it into the Top Ten Italian beaches. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that Italian tour operator Club Esse has focused on Sardinia’s favorite destinations to build its portfolio of holiday retreats: the resort Club Esse Roccaruja, for example, lies right near La Pelosa’s beach.

Not only Sardinia

Club Esse has specialized in offering travelers all they need for their vacation in Sardinia, the Italian island in the Tyrrhenian Sea famous for its clear waters. Recently Club Esse has also bought resorts in other Italian venues, like Club Esse Pila in Valle d’Aosta, or Club Esse Costa dello Jonio in Marina di Mandatoriccio (Calabria), on the Jonio Sea. The resorts are currently 13, mostly in Sardinia, but spanning through Sicily, Calabria, Abruzzo and up north to Valle d’Aosta. But whether it’s on the sandy beaches or in the mountains, the offer doesn’t change: it’s an all-round Italian experience, designed for you to discover what’s authentic of your destination of choice, from nature to artisanal traditions, from local food to entertainment.

Pick your vacation

It’s easy to pick the vacation that fits your needs, whether you’re traveling with young children or your pets, looking for a dynamic and energetic holiday made of sports and hiking, for entertainment, or just for relax and letting go. Click on the website, which has recently been revamped, and find the location and the resort that you like best. An online budget simulator helps you design your vacation, inclusive of travel costs (by ferry boat) to Sardinia or Sicily. Check out the monthly specials if you want to take advantage of a discount price or added services for your next vacation in Italy. Visit the Facebook profile to view additional pictures and users’ comments.

Club Esse, an Italian experience

Bear in mind that Club Esse takes care of your whole vacation experience to guarantee complete comfort; for example, food served in the resorts is always local – so it’s fresh and keeps you in touch with the traditions of the territory. Club Esse is also in charge of entertainment in the resorts and a bunch of sports and fitness activities – always with an eye on what’s local and authentic. Because this is not simply a resort – it’s an Italian (or better, a Sardinian, Sicilian, etc.) resort.