Comics exhibit pays tribute to Milan Expo 2015

 'Even comics need to eat' features Popeye, Obelix, Garfield ANSA - A comics exhibition in Milan dubbed 'even comics need to eat' will pay tribute...

 ‘Even comics need to eat’ features Popeye, Obelix, Garfield

ANSA – A comics exhibition in Milan dubbed ‘even comics need to eat’ will pay tribute to Expo 2015 by featuring famous cartoon characters and their interest in food.

From Popeye and his spinach to Obelix and his boar roast, the three-day exhibition Cartoomics will open March 13 featuring cartoons and food.

The tribute focuses on Milan Expo’s theme of ‘Feeding the planet, Energy for life’ and even Remy the rat chef from the hit film Ratatouille and the lasagna-loving feline Garfield will take part.

 In all, Cartoomics will feature approximately 30 international comics from several different eras, many showing their favourite recipes. Organizers says cultural diversity has been a factor in choosing what comics to include.