Cum Laude: a sustainable and ethical fashion

The term "Cum Laude", from the Latin, shows the idea of value and perfection. This is a sicilian history that, keeping the roots in the...


The term “Cum Laude“, from the Latin, shows the idea of value and perfection. This is a sicilian history that, keeping the roots in the tradition, wants to create a bridge with other cultures. Attention to details, materials and processes – entirely made in Italy – make Cum Laude the essence of a continuous journey of discovery and uniqueness. Each product is a mix of stories, places and values ​​that make it unique and inimitable.

cum laude

The Cum Laude Project

Cum Laude
Ezio Lauricella

The project aims to raise awareness towards ethics and aesthetics products, achieving only high standards of style, fashion and design. CUM LAUDE comes from the desire of focusing on a sustainable model, which values the skill of local artisans and tells their story of excellence to an international audience. As explained by the founder Ezio Lauricella, Sicily is the cradle of civilization, culture and art. Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Byzantines and Spaniards over the centuries have left an indelible trail. Unfortunately, recent history has seen the island sacked by politics and the Mafia, isolated by the margins of development, in a stagnation which has partly overshadowed the cultural richness. Ezio still believes in ethical fashions, and if today fashion is teeming with delocalized production and labour exploitations, Cum Laude relaunches handicrafts and local talent, a direct relationship with the workshop and the recovery of traditions at risk.

What about the Cum Laude Products?

All products are fully handcrafted in Italy and they are the result of a mix between fine leathers and eco-friendly materials such as silk, hemp and traditional fabrics. The desire to mix innovation and tradition, makes the collection really unique. Cum Laude bags maintain a strong bond with Sicily, even if Ezio Lauricella has a passion for discovering the customs and traditions of distant lands, for the idea of combining influences from different and faraway cultures. Hence the theme of the first collection, a creative leap which unites Sicily with Eastern traditions: leather bags, strictly handmade, are adorned with coloured trimmings of vintage Japanese silk kimonos. 2

Cum Laude is Ethics and Sustainability

Cum Laude is a  balance between the luxury and lifestyle and aims to a target outside of the traditional mindsets. Its bags have a deep respect for the environment and their price is simply the intrinsic value of the materials they are made.