Nowadays there is an increase in demand for ecotourism in Italy. This is because people are choosing their holiday destinations trying not to damage the environment. In...

Nowadays there is an increase in demand for ecotourism in Italy. This is because people are choosing their holiday destinations trying not to damage the environment. In fact, tourist arrivals are predicted to grow by an average 4.1% a year over the next two decades, surpassing a total of one billion international travelers by the year 2010 and reaching 1.6 billion by the year 2020. This is a new environmental awareness that runs on the Internet, and Italy holds jewels of ecotourism all-across its territory.



Numbers speak when analyzing ecotourism in Italy. Green travel is possible, the WTO (World Trade Organization) estimates that nature tourism generates 7% of all international travel expense. Also, nature turism has an annual growth of 4% worldwide, and Italy is a place of common destination for a lot of travelers eager to discover the sweet eco-friendly spots. Between all regional parks, oases and protected areas (871 parks) they are about 10% of the entire territory of the Peninsula. In fact, destinations are chosen by tourists when nature and landscape beauties are present (55%), if instead there are culture, art and history (49%), relaxation (33%) and entertainment (22%).



The following are important beacons of ecotourism in Italy, which are example to many other places that are following the good operating practices.



Tuscany, ecotourism in Italy

Where environment and tourism intertwine, it is the answer to protection an enhancement without harming the territory. The Park’s commitment to green tourism obtained the ISO 14001 Environmental Certification in 2001, and it was reaffirmed later in 2012. From energy saving to waste management, the members of the Qualità Parco group have a wide range of possibilities to reduce their environmental impact and promote ecological tourism, including eco-hotels, which are committed to make grow ecotourism in Italy.


The Ruins: wild, with a view to the Tyrrhenian Sea

Amalfi Coast

Ruderi, ecotourism in Italy

It is just one destination, but there are many widespread hotels scattered across the territory. It was born from the mind of Giancarlo dall’Ara, which has already received several international awards. The idea is this: inside the most gentle and charming Italian ancient villages, abandoned buildings are renovated and completely dedicated to a tourism of pure environmental sustainability. These original jewels of ecotourism can be found on the Amalfi coast there are the Ruderi: wild, with a view of the Tyrrhenian Sea.


Abruzzo, Emilia Romana and Tuscany

Field Landscape Tuscany Agriculture Italy Sunset

travelTuscany, ecotourism in Italy

But the regions that have been awarded by Legambiente (an ecological association operating since 1995) are Abruzzo, Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany as ideal destinations for ecotourism in Italy. The award ceremony was based on the choice of some criteria, including the excellent environmental management of accommodation facilities, nutrition and social commitment. Abruzzo is particularly loved by ecotourists for the large amount and variety of parks and nature reserves it has, as well as having numerous facilities suitable for each type of holiday. Those who prefer these types of destinations are families with children, for they teach children to respect the environment and living beings.