EventBoost: meetings and events made simple

If numbers of events and attendants are rising but companies' budgets for events are decreasing, how can event professionals find a cost-effective solution that makes...


If numbers of events and attendants are rising but companies’ budgets for events are decreasing, how can event professionals find a cost-effective solution that makes the event experience satisfactory? EventBoost, the start-up launched by a team of Italian digital economy pioneers, is offering a multi-feature integrated technological solution that is easy to use and at the right price.

EventBoost, empowers meeting, event and training

eventboost_rocket_calendar_googleEventboost empowers meeting, event and training professionals (companies, agencies, consultants) by simplifying guest management complexity before, during and after the event. Eventboost is a cloud-based CRM platform for events, offered at a very competitive price in “pay per event” mode or through annual/quarterly subscription with unlimited events (monthly billing cycle). Eventboost manages all kinds of events (different locations, multiple dates/sessions, multi language, etc.) and paid admission and covers all the process, from invitation to check-in, from reminders to follow-up after the event. The platform works together with a certified email server platform and a dedicated check-in iPad App with barcode reader and it is strictly integrated with social media. Real time data and statistics are available pre and post event. In a few words, EventBoost is easy to use, very customizable, white label with a simple pricing model and no tickets commission.

EventBoost, from Italy to all the globe

The platform and its business model stem from the work and expertise of an Italian team with a strong international vocation that brings in different and complementary skills: founder Franco Bondi, managing director, founder Antonio Fernè, chief operating officer, co-founder Corrado Del Fanti, chief sales & marketing officer, co-founder Michael Pieri, VP Sales North America, and CTO Luigi Tenti.

“We are a software-as-a-service, so we look at the global market: our platform can be effectively accessed and used from anywhere in the world”, points out Michael Pieri. “At the moment we are marketing EventBoost in Europe, the Usa and Brazil, where we have country managers, but in a few months we will target Asia as well and going forward we plan to reach virtually every country”.

EventBoost was selected among the 15 most promising Italian tech startups during the 2014 VentureOutItaly event, the NY Market Accelerator program for Italian tech startups, hosted by The Italian Business & Investment Initiative (IB&II). IB&II, established in 2010 by Fernando Napolitano, a 20 year veteran of Booz Allen Hamilton, is intended to mobilize Italian leaders in business and the government to re-launch the Italian economy through vital investments in industries with a high growth potential, such as the high-tech sector.