Evergreen Life Products: the olive tree at the heart of an Italian success story

The olive tree, olives and olive oil are at the heart of the Mediterranean diet. Its many beneficial properties are well known all over the...


The olive tree, olives and olive oil are at the heart of the Mediterranean diet. Its many beneficial properties are well known all over the world, but perhaps the fact that the leaves contain the majority of the active principles of the olive tree and can be used for top quality cosmetics and nutritional supplements is not as well recognized. This is the intuition behind Evergreen Life Products, the Italian company started by Livio Pesle five years ago in his farm on the hills next to Rosazzo’s Abbey, in Friuli, that has now become a “Multi Level Marketing Company” that internally produces Olivum®, the exclusive olive tree leaves’ water infusion and the active principle of all its products.

Evergreen Life Products is the first company in Italy specializing in products – ranging from nutritional supplements to cosmetics to pet and home supplies – that capitalize on the beneficial effects of the olive leaves. Its flagship product is Olife, the nutritional supplement based on Olivum®, but the company’s catalog also includes Osprint, a sports supplement, the Ojelly candies, the Olinight and Oliday face creams, the Olislim and Olibody body lotions, and much more. New products continuously enter the portfolio, as for the new intensive moisture face cream within the“Linea Alexandra”and the new Olimpoo shampoo.

Luigi Pesle
Luigi Pesle

Another element of the company’s success is its distribution system based on Network Marketing, that allows to satisfy the customer’s needs and to promote loyalty. Evergreen Life Products has today over 6,000 salespeople operating in the regions Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Marche and Sicily. This year the company will extend its network to Toscana, Lazio, Piemonte and Campania, with the aim of covering the entire Italian territory.

In the first quarter of 2015 the company registered in Italy a revenue of over 2.2 million Euros, representing a 120% growth over the same period of 2014. In 2014 the revenue had grown by 90% compared to 2013. The Friulan company has been enjoying a sustained growth since its launch, moving from a 1.5 million Euro turnover in 2012 to over 5.7 million last year. The target for 2015 is to reach 9 million Euros.

Moreover, Evergreen Life Products has set up in January a wholly owned subsidiary in Spain for the distribution of its products. The Spanish branch is already fully operating and the management expects it to grow rapidly achieving the same results obtained in Italy within the first three years on the market.

“The results we have achieved so far make us proud”, says Luigi Pesle, Ceo, Evergreen Life Products, “but I’m confident that the2015-2018 period will bring even greater successes. Word of mouth is our winning marketing strategy and it will allow us to further expand into the Italian territory. But not only are we working to consolidate our position on the Italian market: we want to boost our export”. The company already operates in Slovenia and in Germany and has two fully owned subsidiaries in Spain and Austria, but the next target is the American market: “We believe that the best way to develop our foreign markets is to apply the same business model we have deployed in Italy”, says Luigi Pesle. “Quality, efficiency, organization and meritocracy fuel our growth both in Italy and abroad”.