Expo Milano 2015 to involve entire city for first time in world expositions’ history

Milan - Given that 8.5 million tickets have been sold two months before the opening of Expo Milano 2015, Italy's Milan did well by involving...

Milan – Given that 8.5 million tickets have been sold two months before the opening of Expo Milano 2015, Italy’s Milan did well by involving the entire city in the event for the first time in the history of world expositions.

“Expo in citta” (Expo in the city), a project created by the municipality of Milan and Milan Chamber of Commerce, already gathers as many as more than 17,000 appointments during the Expo Milano 2015, which runs from May 1 to Oct. 31, and is keeping growing.


“The principle of the project is to offer visitors of the world exposition the unique experience of all kinds of events for all tastes everywhere in Milan,” Claudio Artusi, coordinator of Expo in città, told journalists during a presentation held earlier this week at the Milan Foreign Press Association.

It means that before or after visiting the Expo Milano 2015, which like other world expositions of the past takes place in a confined space, for the first time visitors will be able to enjoy a sort of parallel, overwhelming expo throughout the host city, he said.

Expo in citta, Artusi explained, manages an online catalogue of the public and private locations available for events in Milan and offers support in obtaining authorizations and permits, such as occupation of public land.

“Our platform does not provide financial intermediation, but puts in contact event organizers with location owners and stimulates matching with potential partners or sponsors,” he said. Those events considered to be in line with the expo’s spirit are given the Expo in citta logo and are promoted internationally.

The uniqueness of the project was appreciated by the Bureau of International Expositions (BIE), which Artusi said “is considering the inclusion of this approach into protocols for next expos.”

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