‘Expo Milano 2015’ to showcase leadership innovations, solutions

In this interview as conducted by Michael Haonga, The Italian Ambassador to Tanzania, Luigi Scotto beams light on a six-month international event EXPO MILANO 2015 slated for...


In this interview as conducted by Michael Haonga, The Italian Ambassador to Tanzania, Luigi Scotto beams light on a six-month international event EXPO MILANO 2015 slated for between May 1 and October 31, next year in Milan, Italy.

italian-ambassador-luigi scottoQUESTION: May you first acquaint readers on what is Expo Milano 2015?

ANSWER: The Expo is a non-commercial universal exposition (not a trade fair) organised by the nation which wins the candidature, with other countries participating through the diplomatic channels of the hosting nation. It will be held in Milan from May 1st 2015 to October 31st 2015.
More than 20 million visitors are expected in Milan during these six months.

Q: When was the first Expo held and where?
A: The first Expo was held in London in 1851 and was such a success that other nations were encouraged to organise similar events like the Paris Expo in 1889 for which the Eiffel Tower was designed and built. Each Expo has a universal theme and is held in an area which has been masterminded as a place of exchange and encounter to promote a unique experience for participants and visitors who discover and experiment with the theme.

Q: Why Milan?
A: With Expo 2015, Milan is making itself available to promote the country’s growth and be Italian ambassador in the world. Why Milan? Because is situated at the centre of a 10 million inhabitants area, such as London or Paris. It produces 10 percent of the GDP, a level equal to Brussels’ or Madrid; it has a per-capita revenue that is almost twice the domestic one and an unemployment level as low as half of Italy’s as a whole.
It also registers 40 percent of the new innovation patents, equal to Boston’s annual production; sells 10 million tickets yearly for art, music and cinema shows, based on the same population rate of Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona and houses 650 fashion show-rooms, in competition with Paris and New York.

Q: What is the Theme of Expo Milano 2015?
A: The theme is ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’ that is strictly linked to sustainability and innovations necessary to ensure sufficient safe and healthy food for all. The theme is central to Expo Milano 2015 and will be explored through a common interpretation represented by pavilions and exhibits of participating countries organisations and institutions, programme of events, Expo theme pavilions and visitor theme itineraries.

Q: What is the aim of the Expo?
A: Expo Milan 2015 will be the largest worldwide event ever organised where countries, institutions, companies and citizens around gather to discuss and discover issues related to the availability of safe, nutritious and sufficient food.

Q: What the Expo Milano 2015 mascot represent?
A: The mascot, Foody, composed by 11 different types of vegetables is recalling to the Italian artist Arcimboldo. Foody stands for community, diversity and food in the broadest sense, as a source of life and energy. Family of eleven members, each having their own unique personalities: real characters in their own right and expressed as a single face.

Q: How many countries up to now will participate to the event?
A: Until now the participating countries are 150, included Tanzania.
The Ministry of Industry and Trade nominated the Ambassador of Tanzania to Italy, Dr James Alex Msekela as a Commissioner General of Tanzania Section for Expo Milano 2015 and Jacqueline Mneney Maleko Acting Director General of Tantrade as the Assistant Commissioner General.

Q: What are the key objectives of Expo Milano 2015?
A: The key objectives are to stimulate and lead the global discussion on the challenges linked to food production, safety availability and nutrition. To facilitate cooperation and networking among all stakeholders (institutions, policy makers, citizens and communities ,companies, foundations and NGOs…) in addition to creating a world wide platform for best practices and innovations in the fields of food, health wellbeing sustainability and technology.

Q: Why collaborate with the Expo Milano 2015?
A: Collaboration with Expo Milan 2015 is vital, it is a unique opportunity for companies to showcase leadership innovations and solutions in their business fields on an international scale and in order to attract the attention from institutions governments and consumers around the world.
Furthermore Expo 2015 aims to collaborate with best in class, innovation driven companies around the world who can propose revolutionary and inspiring ideas which contribute to the depth and excellence of the Event.
Partnering with Expo Milano 2015 provides an opportunity to drive business leadership and strengthen competitive positioning and it offers a model of partnership aimed at facilitating innovation through active collaboration among partners, allowing companies to not only to take the leading role in their respective sectors, but also to closely interact with other leading companies and build future strategic alliances and business opportunities.
Partners receive an international multi-year programme of benefits to enhance corporate reputation /brand, engage employees/customers and strengthen business development activities. Each partnership programme is personalised to create strong synergies with company business strategies to maximise return on investment.

Q: What Expo is offering to the companies?
A: Expo Milano 2015 is an opportunity for companies to develop and demonstrate their leadership and push forward their strategic business agendas. Rolling out innovation and new technologies into the world stage. Enlighten and influencing future trends. Unifying diverse brand building and consumer awareness initiatives into a common multi-year platform.
Building strategic relationships and alliances with institutions, policymakers influencers and key industry players. Opening dialogue and building understanding with stakeholders.
Developing and showcasing products and services and enhancing corporate reputation and brand image through associating with positive Expo 2015 values and with best in class partnering companies.

SOURCE: The Guardian