Finaest: the Made in Italy e-commerce platform

One of the most difficult task the Italian economy is facing right now is how to improve his ability to meet the world request of Italian products....


One of the most difficult task the Italian economy is facing right now is how to improve his ability to meet the world request of Italian products. In fact, despite the “Made in Italy” is one of the most recognizable brands in for quality and style in the world, the lack of digital instruments and knowledge is a serious handicap of many Italian Small Medium Enterprises. From a couple of years a young Italian talent is trying to fill this gap with Finaest, his e-commerce platform.

Finaest, promoting Italy and its craftmanship

“We wanted to promote Italy abroad, through its craftsmanship and creativity.” says Andrea Viganó, co-founder of Italian e-commerce platform The in 2013-established online retailer, specializes in Italian-made handcrafted accessories and ready-to-wear goods, for her and for him. Its name comes from the combination of the words “finest” and “aesthetic”, and its stock is a mix of heritage brands such as Miserocchi, as well as up-and-comers among which the accessories brand Salar Milano.

Viganó founded the made in Italy project alongside Luca Gianmaria Catalano, who looks after the logistics and finances of the company. The start-up that is unique due to its Made in Italy-only concept, is currently on its way up, establishing a loyal fan base made up of predominantly US citizens, in less than two years.

Better abroad then in Italy

In an interview on, Viganò explain why his idea has more success abroad then in his homeland, “Italians are still skeptical when it comes to online shopping, especially when it concerns lesser known brands. Generally speaking, I notice Italians will either go for the established brands, or discounted items when shopping online.” In fact, after almost two years in business the 90% of Finaest’s clients are based outside Italy. The majority of them comes from the USA, followed by the UK and Australia.

By now, without major investment in marketing, they have established their network of clients mainly through word of mouth advertising and  social media platforms such as Instagram.

As Viganò pointed out, their type of client:  “is young globetrotters who live in the major metropolitan cities of the world, such as New York, London, Hong Kong and São Paolo. They love dressing up, and are searching for high quality, one of a kind products. They’re educated, have high purchasing power, and appreciate Italian craftsmanship.”

Made in Italy: the future is Mobile

The plans for their business development  in the future is to expand their team of buying, communications and logistics, to increase visibility and sales. Last but not least, Viganò shows a clear long term strategy underlining  the importance of implement new payments method and the creation of an App for the Mobile Market.

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