Gruppo Condotte wins 2 international prizes

The Italian construction group Gruppo Condotte d'Acqua has received two awards for its outstanding design and work: an Award of Merit within the European Steel...

Hôpital Notre-Dame de la Miséricorde

The Italian construction group Gruppo Condotte d’Acqua has received two awards for its outstanding design and work: an Award of Merit within the European Steel Design Awards 2015, an international recognition that Gruppo Condotte obtained for the “Best steel work realized in Italy in 2015”, and a BIM d’Argent from French magazine Le Moniteur.

Italian design wins top prizes at the BIM Awards

The BIM (Building International Model) award is assigned every year in Paris to the most innovative projects in building and construction. For this edition almost 110 projects were evalutated by a jury of 12 experts and both top prizes were awarded to Made-in-Italy creations, since the BIM d’Or went to a project by Italian architect Renzo Piano for a school in Cachan à Gif-sur-Yvette, France, while a “Silver BIM” in the category “new projects on an area of at least 40,000 square meters” was assigned to the project developed by Gruppo Condotte, through general contractor INSO, for the Hospital Notre-Dame de la Miséricorde in Ajaccio, Corsica.

Award of Merit for a “spectacular” Pavillion in Venice

Gruppo Condotte took the spotlight also in latest edition of the European Steel Design Awards (ECCS) in Instanbul and received the Award of Merit for the most outstanding steel work made in Italy this year. The jury of international experts chose the Padiglione Aquae in Marghera that Gruppo Condotte developed and built. Padiglione Aquae (Aquae Exposition Pavillion) is a multipurpose 10,000 square meter facility in Mestre, near Venice; it was selected for the “spectacular structure of the building”, marked by a symmetrical form generated by softly curved intersecting rays and outwardly defined by a white aluminium cladding laid to produce a pleated effect. Inside the building opens into a single large hall characterized by the white spatial grid frame of the ceiling supported by just four pillars. It represents a free and flexible exhibition space that can host multiple events simultaneously.

The pavillion was designed by Italian architect Michele de Lucchi and built in just 13 months for Aquae Venezia 2015, the exhibition dedicated to water that was held in parallel with Expo Milan 2015; now the building remains at the city’s disposal for fairs and exhibitions, cultural and sports events and will become part of a broader project of urban regeneration named Venice Waterfront that will see new futuristic buildings realized in Mestre, including hotels, malls and storage facilities.

Gruppo Condotte, a long history in construction

Società Italiana per Condotte d’Acqua was established in 1880 and grew through the years into a group covering all the sectors of the construction industry. In 1997 the company was acquired by the Ferfina Group. It has carried out, in Italy and abroad, a wide range of works, from dams and hydroelectric plants to roads and railways, undergrounds and ports, airports, housing projects, environmental and monumental renovation.