IDL, lighting up luxury homes all over the world

Made in Italy craftsmanship: no compromise on that. That's what makes IDL's products very well-know and valued all over the world. The company,...


Made in Italy craftsmanship: no compromise on that. That’s what makes IDL‘s products very well-know and valued all over the world. The company, founded in 1987 by partners Lino Feltrin and Antonio Piva, makes lamps and indoor lighting solutions, exclusive high-end items that are sold to a selected public, for luxury homes and offices, in Italy and abroad, in countries like Russia, the UAE, the Usa and Taiwan, Turkey and Azerbaijan. IDL’s products are based on top-level manufacturing techniques and very high production performances, combining quality, unicity, creativity and design.

IDL, bringing Made in Italy all around the globe

Lino Feltrin“IDL’s products are 100% made in Italy and this is what makes them so well-recognized abroad, together with a sleek design and a high versatility, so they are perfectly fit for any indoor space. The success we have had allowed us to expand on several international markets, from the Middle East to Eastern Europe to the Usa where we see excellent growth opportunities” , says Lino Feltrin, founder and chief legal officer of IDL. “Unfortunately, the economic crisis has hit Italy hard, also causing a steep drop of confidence, and that is why we sell much more abroad than in Italy. But Italy remains our core country when it comes to creating our products, from design to manufacturing, and to running our business”.

IDL, la Dolce Vita

Recently the company has launched the new brands DOLCE VITA Luxury Lighting and LUCE da VIVERE Living Lighting, that, together with the traditional CLASSIC Light & Style brand, make its offer ever more complete.
In the past IDL collaborated with world-famous designers, who created different collections, each with a unique touch.
Today IDL tends to offer a production with a more defined and homogeneous identity and for this reason it has partnered on a steady basis with designer Cristian Feltrin.
He’s the creator, for example, of the collection ICE Rain, a set of lamps made with transparent Murano glass leaves and a structure in laquered metal; it comes in different sizes and six different color combinations.


“IDL bases its proposition on artisan products that are at the same time top level and exclusive in their design”, says Feltrin. “Our specialty is the skill with which we use metal, the Murano glass, Swarovski crystal and other precious materials. The artisan-style, the continuous search for new elements and designs contribute together to making us successful internationally with our lamps that are at the same time innovative and not constrained by a short-lived trend or fashion, but built to last and stay beautiful forever. After all, that’s what Made in Italy stands for”.