Inward, the lab that brings street-art to factories

Beauty and art meet corporate offices, construction sites and production plants in an innovative project called Inward-Osservatorio sulla Creatività Urbana launched in...

Beauty and art meet corporate offices, construction sites and production plants in an innovative project called InwardOsservatorio sulla Creatività Urbana launched in Italy to bring street art projects into corporate communications.

Inward, which coordinated for the Ministry of Youth and Cnel the first ever “Technical workgroup” on urban creativity, is an observatory with no match. It collaborates with the Italian association of municipalities Anci (with the project Italian Graffiti) and with organizations of all sectors (also in the no-profit area), at a national and international level, with the goal of researching and stimulating ideas and projects in the field of urban creativity: street art, graffiti writing, urban design. Launched four years ago, this year Inward has enhanced its offer with the #StreetArtFactory initiative to work specifically in factories.

Inward, a new way for corporate communications

Street art can be used by companies to communicate who they are, what they do, what their values are. Many Italian and international brands (Coca Cola, Nike, Luis Vuitton, Ceres, Branca, Smart, Lacoste, Perrier, Furla, Goodyear, Renault, Fiat, Peugeot, Ikea, Google, Hyunday, Skoda, Pirelli, Hogan, Nissan, Carpisa, Gatorade, McDonald, Cavalli, Hot Wheels, Toyota, Arti Grafiche Boccia) have chosen Inward and its artists for their storytelling, to give a new look to their products, to blend into the urban context, for their marketing campaigns, or to add new artworks in their premises.

The nine Bs of Arti Grafiche Boccia

For example, Arti Grafiche Boccia, the Italian leader in the European graphic arts scene, had nine Bs painted by a group of Italian urban artists on the front of its factory in Salerno, thanks to the Alephactory project conducted with Inward. Arti Grafiche Boccia chose urban art as a way to communicate its story, its activities and values to the territory and all stakeholders. The nine Bs, in particular, highlight the new production plant equipped with state of the art machinery.


The bottom line

Street art is not only about “making art”: it’s a growing part of the economy. Already almost 1,000 people in Italy, including artists, gallery owners, marketing and event planning experts, work in this field and many more jobs could be added. Major ad agencies, like Ogilvy, Armando Testa, Grey or McCann, are looking at Inward’s new model; industry associations like UPA, Unicom and Ferpi view it as a viable, low-cost, high-impact alternative for communications.

Industry 4.0 can coexist with beauty

Roberto Race-Inward
Roberto Race

“Now we have launched the new #StreetArtFactory project”, says coordinator Roberto Race, “because we detected agrowing desire by enlightened entrepreneurs to create exemplar factories where creativity and beauty coexist with Industry 4.0 innovations and the traditional know-how of Italian artisans. All companies, with affordable investments, can turn into art patrons”.