Italian accent is the most attractive in Europe

A month ago The Independent carried out a survey with an objective to reveal the most attractive European accent.  More than 1000...

Italian men speaking

A month ago The Independent carried out a survey with an objective to reveal the most attractive European accent.  More than 1000 people were interviewed, the competition was pretty high, but the results showed that the Italian accent is considered to be the most beautiful by exactly 25% of the participants of the survey.

The team of Italian Good News have been, certainly, proud to find out the results of the research. We decided to investigate a bit more on what the world thinks about the Italian accent and the Italian way of speaking in general.

The Italian accent – what does it sound like?

The most atractive accents
Survey results: the most attractive accents

It’s romantic. Speaking honestly, this one was expected to be the most common reply to come into people’s minds. Could be because of the Italian films, what do you think?

It’s easy to understand. Italians tend to stress the consonants when speaking English or any other foreign language. They sharpen all the sounds more than necessary. It’s very typical for Italians to put an extra vowel at the end of every word ending with a consonant. All this sounds quite strange for a non-Italian but it makes the speech speech of Italians sound clearer

It’s melodious and sweet. “They talk in a sweet, alluring and childish way”, – says a Quora user. Fair enough!

It’s rhythmic. When speaking a foreign language Italians automatically keep an Italian rhythm in their speech.

It makes everything sound like a poem. This might be the fault of Dante.

Other beautiful European accents

In the research mentioned at the beginning of this article the Italian accent was first of all rivaled by another language commonly considered as “the language of love” – French, that got 23% of the votes. Irish, Spanish and Swedish accents have reached the top 5 as well.

  • Marisa Conover

    Love this! I couldn’t resist posting this video, it is hilarious! :-D….

    • Marcello Preite

      It is not his fault when to express a simple sound 14 letters have been used. Phonetically I would write it as WUSTER SOS. The other 5 are just there to confuse the enemy ^_^. The poor man will never guess what he is meant to say. Hyeroglyfics would have been more use.

  • Heather

    I agree with this, and the fact that French, Irish, and Spanish all made the top five. Not sure that I agree with the Swedish accent being included in the top five though. To me the Portuguese, British, and Greek accents are all more appealing than Swedish.