Italian food, the farm that breeds only pigs Ogm free

The Italian food is famous all around the world. This reputation comes from the hard work of farmers that maintain long traditions of breeding and...


The Italian food is famous all around the world. This reputation comes from the hard work of farmers that maintain long traditions of breeding and farming. The perfect example is the Italian farmer in the province of Reggio Emilia raising selected pigs Ogm -and antibiotic- free to safeguard animal’s welfare and make top-quality Italian food, like prosciutto, sausage, lard and many more pork products.

Rolling hills and unspoiled nature are what makes the Terre Matildiche (Lands of Matilde) so unique and the perfect environment to breed animals that become tasty and healthy Italian food. And the Lands of Matilde, near the castle of Canossa in the province of Reggio Emilia, is exactly where the Azienda Borghi Tiziano stretches out: this farm, raising pigs in the wild, follows a tradition that was passed down from father to son and raises its Ca’ Berceti pigs (a selected breed) to transform their meats into masterpieces of Italian food.

A unique land breathing freedom

The Borghi farm thrives on fertile lands and in climatic conditions that are particularly suitable for raising pigs and producing meat. The swines are free to move on the hills and eat what they spontaneously find, while the breeze from the hills allows a gentle constant airing of the salami and ham avoiding that the product dries too quickly.

“We pursue a traditional form of breeding, in the perimeter of the lush Terre Matildiche, to give our meat a unique and full-bodied flavor that characterizes all our cured meats and gourmet products. Our animals mainly feed on acorns, tubers, roots and organic material of the turf; this kind of nourishment and the possibility for the pigs to move around free guarantees our products have unmistakable characteristics”, according to the firm.

Italian food, the healthier meats at the restaurant

As a matter of fact, pigs that are bred in the wild are happier animals and make healthier meats. The Borghi firm has obtained a string of certifications very few farms can boast, from “Chain traceability” to “Animal welfare requirements”, from “No-Ogm Pork feeding” to “Pork chain without antibiotic” and “Gluten-free, Lactose-free” processed meats. These certifications are a testament to a top quality business that does not compromise on the way its pigs are raised and its meat is processed. The final product is much richer in taste, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, linoleic acid.


The farmer’s masterpieces include many icons of the Italian food like prosciutto, pancetta (Italy’s bacon), lard, salame and the local “salamino matildino”, a very tasty sausage, ideal for appetizers and snacks. This Italian farmer also prepares gourmet specialties in a jar such as cream of lard, sausage stew, meat stew, ragout, sausage.

Italian food
Salamino matildino

The same products are used in the Borghi family restaurant, called Pietre di Canossa; the menu includes pork meat of course, but also porcini mushrooms and many typical Emilian dishes, like fresh homemade pasta, cooked according to the ancient tradition by a very special cook, Tiziano Borghi’s wife, Marina.