For Italian SMEs and niche companies the US market holds great potential

The United States are a key export market for Italian companies, as emphasized also by


The United States are a key export market for Italian companies, as emphasized also by the recent plan to promote Made in Italy launched by Italy’s Industry Minister Federica Guidi, that devotes 30% of total resources outside Italy to the US market.

Several platforms already exist or are about to be launched to help Italian companies expand into the US. The Italian company I MAESTRI (The Masters), founded by Paolo Timoni, showcases and sells the finest Italian furnishings through an innovative system. Until now, design professionals faced a number of challenges in buying Italian-made home goods and many Italian luxury creations have remained elusive to the American buyer.

Paolo Timoni
Paolo Timoni

Problem solved with I MAESTRI, that handles the process from end to end. The unique and easy-to-use online platform lets you search and source hard-to-find furnishings and home decorative goods from the best Italian companies, share them directly with your clients, and order and deliver them with just a few clicks. Italian niche top-quality furinishings and design business find here a concrete opportunity to reach the US market.

With a similar vision, Simest, an Italian company that promotes foreign investments by Italian companies and provides technical and financial support to investment projects, is working on a distribution platform for farmers looking to sell to the American market. The platform is set to be launched in the summer. Simest’s Ceo Massimo D’Aiuto recently pointed out that Italy has many excellent agribusiness companies but lacks large retail chains, therefore it’s harder to export our farmers’ products. Simest trading platform will act as a bridge between Italian agribusiness SMEs and American retail chains, even the largest, like Walmart. About ten large companies have already joined the platform: the goal is to generate enough “critical mass” in trade to take abroad also smaller, niche, “high-quality” producers.

The US market has great potential for Italian companies: the demand for Italian food and wine is higher than the supply, says Simest. The same holds true for other industries, like furnishings or pottery just to mention a few, and new-generation technical platforms and distribution networks are key to help niche producers, manufacturers and designers reach into international markets.