Italian StartUps: the top 5 in 2016

The new year seem promising for many Italian StartUps. In fact the past few years have already brings some italian startups under the spotlight. Many initiatives...

Italian- Startups

The new year seem promising for many Italian StartUps. In fact the past few years have already brings some italian startups under the spotlight. Many initiatives have been launched, trying to fill the gap between the Italian startups scene and the others in Europe and, thanks to the typical Italian innovation spirit, the results came quickly. Indeed, despite the stereotypical image, Italy is a country which has much more to offer than just “La Dolce Vita”. Below you’ll find 5 of the most innovative italian startups for the 2016.

Top 5 Italian StartUps for 2016




A Venice-based startup offering an online peer to peer marketplace for all inclusive boat holidays with trusted skippers. Antlos enables its users to search by activity or location, request an itinerary from the skipper and pay safely online. The promising startup was founded in 2014 and secured about € 680K in seed funding. The biggest amount (€ 500K) was invested in summer 2015 by Incos Invest.

2. XMetrics


A wearable device and app which was designed to empower your performances in sports. Especially for swimming and other water sports, XMetrics is a useful activity tracker – due to its ergonomic design. XMetrics gives you real-time audio feedback while you are swimming. The device combines biomechanical sensors with advanced algorithms for exceptional precision. XMetrics was founded in 2014. The Bussero-based startup so far secured $ 1 million in venture capital.

3. ChatSim


Founded in 2015, ChatSim creates a revolutionary Sim card which allows its users to chat with all the messaging app – almost for free. ChatSim was designed to let you keep in touch with everyone wherever you are. As soon as you put it in your smartphone, it is ready to let you chat with the world’s leading ChatApps. In total, the Milan-based startup raised about $ 2.6 million in funding.

4. Drexcode


A new kind of a web-boutique that provides a unique fashion experience. Drexcode gives you the opportunity to rent dresses and accessories from the latest collections. By working directly with the designers, Drexcode selects the outfits seen at fashion shows, with particular regards to those suitable for special occasions. The Milan-based company was founded in 2014 and raised roughly € 1.8 million.

5. Unfraud


The Milan-based startup Unfraud detects transaction frauds thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, thus preventing fraudulent activities. Through simple APIs the startup’s technology is able to constantly monitor a user’s activity, with an artificial intelligence based method which helps in real time prevention. Founded in 2014, the promising startup raised seed capital of so far $ 133K.

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