Italian Wonder Ways, trekking joins spirituality

Italy land of poets, saints, sailors... and trekking addicted. The "Stivale" throws down the guantlet to Spain and its famous Santiago's Way presenting to the world Italian...


Italy land of poets, saints, sailors… and trekking addicted. The “Stivale” throws down the guantlet to Spain and its famous Santiago’s Way presenting to the world Italian Wonder Ways, a project by the consortium Francesco’s Ways which aims to involve all the aspirating pilgrims and trekking lovers from all over the world in the discovery of five amazing Italian walks that guide the visitors throughtout the beauties of Central Italy. From September 21st to September 28th, five groups of journalists and bloggers from five continents will walk along the “Via di Francesco”, the “Cammino Francescano della Marca”, the “Cammino di San Benedetto”, the “Via Francigena” and the “Via Amerina”, to discover the art, the history, the landscapes, the gastronomy and the spirituality of the Central Italy regions Marche, Toscana, Lazio and Umbria. All the Italian Wonder Ways lead to Rome, so that all the trekking teams will travel the last 14 km and reach the “Eternal City” together.

Piediluco Lake – Via di San Francesco

Trekking with San Francesco

The first walk of the Italian Wonder Ways is the “Via di San Francesco”, a 160-kilometre long itinerary to discover the places in which St. Frances lived and prayed. Seven stages between spirituality, art and medieval towns, starting from the Tuscany borders till Assisi, where is based the famous St Frances Cathedral, passing thorugh amazing little towns like Città di Castello and Gubbio.

Marmore Falls – Cammino Francescano della Marca

Cammino Francescano della Marca

This itinerary follows the way that St. Frances travelled in 1215 during his preaching towards Marche region. The ways is 167-kilometre long, starts from Assisi and comes to Ascoli Piceno after nine stages between wonderful landscapes and medieval architectures in Umbria and Marche. A path unmissable for all trekking lovers.

Norcia – Cammino di San Benedetto – Source:

Cammino di San Benedetto: Spirituality and Trekking

Travelling The “Cammino di San Benedetto” allow pilgrims to do trekking in the three most important places of the life of St. Benedict: Norcia, where the saint was born, Subiaco, where he had lived for thirty years and founded a lot of monasteries, Montecassino, where he formulated his “Rule” and died. This is a thematic itinerary characterized by an intense spirituality and wild natural landscapes.

Ponte della Maddalena – Via Francigena – Source: Rossella De Amicis Flickr

Via Francigena

The first testaments of “Via Francigena” date back to the IX century B.C. This 1.800-kilometre long way linked Canterbury, in Uk, to Rome, passing from Central and Northern Italy, Switzerland and France. Due to its length, there are a lot of itineraries to travel by bike or by foot.


Via Amerina

The “Via Amerina” dates back to the III A.C, when joined the ancient cities of Veio and Ameria (from which it took its name). Nowadays, this itinerary covers 200 kilometres from Perugia to Rome, offering to the visitors the breathtaking view of path dug in the rock, early christian catacombs and medieval castles.