Major Cities 2016: Florence is the smartcity capital

The city of Florence will be the magical venue for this year's Major Cities of Europe Conference, from May 30 to June 1:


The city of Florence will be the magical venue for this year’s Major Cities of Europe Conference, from May 30 to June 1: the event will host delegates from cities from all over Europe to discuss e-government and digital transformation topics. Government representatives from Italy and Tuscany will share their best practices and plans while the city that gave birth to some of Italy’s most celebrated talents will offer the opportunity to enjoy its unique artistic and cultural heritage.

City Renaissance in the Digital Age

The 2016 Major Cities conference will be a journey of discovery to determine what City Renaissance means in the Digital Age. It will start by exploring current experiences which are at the leading edge of developments. It will move on to consider actual pilots and implementations, and it will end with a look into what the future may hold. Innovative approaches for citizen’s participation; education, health and social services from young to old age; e-government, digital transformation and smart cities key trends are on top of the agenda.

Major Cities of Europe


The Organisation “Major Cities of Europe – IT Users Group” is composed of leading experts of innovation in cities. The president is Italian Giorgio Prister, a former manager in Ibm and today an independent strategy consultant.The key activity of the organisation is the yearly conference that takes place every year in a different city: it’s the annual occasion for speakers from all Europe and worldwide to present the latest ICT innovations in their Cities and to share strategies, successes, issues.

Open to all stakeholders

The Conference venue is Convitto della Calza in Piazza della Calza – an ancient cloister and monastery adapted to modern conferences. The event is intended for those who are driving or heading to transformation and innovation in Cities and in Public Administrations, Technology Companies and Academia and, in general, anyone who is interested in the evolving trends of smart cities.

Major Cities, sharing best practices

“The first day of the Major Cities summit is dedicated to the country and the city that is hosting the event – in this case Italy and Florence”, points out Giorgio Prister, President of Major Cities of Europe Organization. “Antonio Samaritani, general manager of Italy’s Digital Agency Agid, will speak about Italy’s digital strategy, namely all the initiatives launched to connect the central and local administrations, while Giorgio Martini, Director of the Agency for territory cohesion, will detail the PON (Programma Operativo Nazionale) plan Città Metropolitane 2014 – 2020 to boost digital services in 15 major Italian cities. A round table with representatives from the cities of Florence and Venice will discuss the ongoing initiatives to improve citizens’ quality of life through innovation”.

International best practices will take the stand during day 2 and 3 of the conference: “It’s important to share knowledge with other countries and learn from top innovators”, says Prister. “It’s a give-and-take process and Italy can teach and learn a lot at the same time. We ought to be humble when it’s the case and recognize if someone is outsmarting us in some areas; at the same time we need to be prouder of the good things we are accomplishing and pitch Italy’s valuable projects to the rest of Europe”.