Menuale, an italian advisor for the perfect dinner

Menuale is a website that helps you find the dish you seek. Do you have a certain craving? Do you want something delicious,...


Menuale is a website that helps you find the dish you seek. Do you have a certain craving? Do you want something delicious, but no heaven-sent guide to help you out? If so, then Menuale is for you.

It is your well-informed friend on the best restaurants and chefs in town. In short, Menuale is where you turn to when deciding where to eat out. The more you use Menuale, then more it gets to know, and soon you receive customized dish suggestions and where to find it based on your personal preferences.

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Menuale, a total dinner experience

Menuale puts you in the center of a dish. Dining is an experience that can change a person’s mood, a delicious way to brighten one’s day. It can do so only if the food is great, and the ambiance to match it, including the service of the waitstaff and the comfort of the restaurant. This is what Menuale takes into account when it asks you, “What would you like to eat?” and the results of its search engine reflect that. Those who decide the valor of a dish will be the users themselves divided, based on their level of experience with wining and dining, into three categories: gourmands, foodies, and users. Thus it will be possible to discover the king of the dishes according to criterion that is reliable and authorative.

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Become an expert in an active community

The Menuale community itself is also continuously active. The more you vote and comment, the more you are seen as a credible source of reference to other users, the better chance you have of becoming in league with gastronmic experts.

Menuale knows also how to give you helpful suggestions even when you have not a single idea of what you want. Its rich guide of news, recipes, new restaurant openings, and timely events in the food and bevarage world can provide you with interesting insights as you move away from familiar restaurants or even revisit your favorite chef’s spot to savor their newest creation.

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A growing network

In 2013 a collaboration was born between Menuale and Alitalia. An agreenment that has allowed hundreds of travelers to dine in the best restaurants in Milano and Rome with a 50% discount by simply displaying their boarding pass.

Nowadays, Menuale works in collaboration with the website of one of the most important italian newspaper “Il Corriere della Sera”. It offers more than 1100 resturants and its network is still growing. In fact, after a wide offer in almost all the italian cities, Menuale has just added a long list of London’s resturants for all the people who are looking for a good dinner in the british capital.