MSR Expo, first time for italian companies at the chinese fair

It's a first for Italian companies and Made in Italy excellence at the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road International (MSR) Expo in...


It’s a first for Italian companies and Made in Italy excellence at the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road International (MSR) Expo in Dongguan, China, the international fair that will hold its third edition next 27-30 October, but has never seen any companies from the Belpaese among the exhibitors.

Italian food, art and hospitality

This year a selection of Italian companies – mainly from the food, arts and tourism industries – will take part in the upcoming international Chinese MSR fair and get a unique opportunity to display their products to an international audience. In fact, having a stand at the Chinese fair means that many companies and brands representing Made in Italy will be able to expand their business into China and its richest region, Guangdong.

The Italy Pavillon at MSR

The selected companies will be taken to the fair thanks to the “H Ireo MSR Expo Padiglione Italia” project that was sponsored by the Camera di Commercio Italo Orientale and presented in Rome by a delegation of the Chinese government of Guangdong to Italian authorities and about 60 Italian companies. The Chinese authorities also closed a deal with Punto Zero International that will build the Italy Pavilion (Padiglione Italia) for the MSR Expo.

Forging commercial ties

The 21st Century MSR Expo international fair in Dongguan, a pillar of the “One Belt One Road”, the economic strategy of Chinese president Xi Jingping, offers multiple opportunities for Italian companies seeking to forge commercial ties: the latest edition attracted over 1,400 exhibitors, 70% of which were coming from out of China, more than 100,000 visitors and over 20,000 buyers, according to official figures.

MSR Expo, a six trade shows

This year’s expo will comprise one thematic exhibition and six trade shows, reports China Daily. The thematic exhibition will showcase co-op achievements, business opportunities, cross-border e-commerce and IT products, while the six trade shows will highlight tourism and culture, building and decoration materials, engineering machinery, MSR local foods, agricultural products, selected tea, porcelain and silk products. The aim is to showcase the excellence of Chinese products and at the same time buy the best from top-quality foreign companies.