Namibia: Italian Photographer Paolo Solari Bozzi to Exhibit At NAGN

The National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN) presents Italian photographer Paolo Solari Bozzi's exhibition titled 'Namibia Sun Pictures', which opens on Monday, 3 March at 18h00...

namibia sun pictures

The National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN) presents Italian photographer Paolo Solari Bozzi‘s exhibition titled ‘Namibia Sun Pictures’, which opens on Monday, 3 March at 18h00 in the Lower Gallery of the NAGN.

Born in Rome in 1957, Bozzi has dual Italian and Swiss nationality and lives in Switzerland. Solari’s calling to become a photographer came at the age of 15 when he was introduced by a fellow student at a boarding school in Venice to the world of black and white photography and to the darkroom.

bozzi-paolo-solari_01In 1982, Paolo obtained his law degree in Milan before working for eight years as a lawyer and 20 years for an investment bank. When at university, he printed photographs occasionally but his early career got in the way. Around 2003, he started to devote his free time to printing and added the medium format to the Leica format. On changing direction in 2010, he immediately installed a new, large and well-equipped darkroom – all as part of the process of converting his passion into a central activity in his life.

For five months in 2012, with his wife Antonella and their Land Rover TD5, Paolo travelled through southern Africa. Using mechanical medium format cameras and wide angle lenses, Paolo depicts, in 53 black and white images printed in his own darkroom, some aspects of the lives of Damara, Himba and Bushmen, exulting in the ‘quiet elegance’ (as written by Cara Weston, the excellent photographer and granddaughter of the extraordinary Edward) perceived when looking into the intense eyes of the Namibian peoples.

Paolo’s 2012 photographs, together with those shot in 2010 during his previous journey to Namibia, form the raw material for his first book ‘Namibia Sun Pictures’, and this exhibition in Windhoek offers visitors a more intimate means of seeing Paolo’s work, now with intensity and on a larger scale than found in the book.

Paolo will be hosting an Art Talk as a preview to the ‘Namibia Sun Pictures’ exhibition. The Art Talk will take place on Thursday, 27 March, from 18h00 at the FNCC Cinema.