Sport holiday, choose Sardinia for an active summer

If you are looking for something different for your summer vacation, a sport holiday in Sardinia can be the right choice for you. The Sardinian’s...


If you are looking for something different for your summer vacation, a sport holiday in Sardinia can be the right choice for you. The Sardinian’s territory presents many different landscapes. Despite its 1,849 kilometers of coastline, both rocky and sandy, more than 80% of the territory is mountainous and hilly. This fantastic variety of lands is also reflected in the many types of sports you can practice.

Sport holiday in Sardinia to enjoy seascape

The Sardinian sea is famous all over the world for its crystal clear waters, perfect for any type of diving. One of the most beautiful diving scenarios is Portone of Capofigari, at Golfo Aranci. Not so far from it, you can find “Grotta di Satana” (Devil’s Cave). In Santa Teresa di Gallura, there is Porto Leccio shoal, where red coral generates a color explosion.
Do you love waves? Don’t miss Putzu Idu at San Vero Milis! Or Porto Pollo, located in the north of Sardinia. It’s been for years a reference point for sailing fans, windsurfers and kitesurfers.


Discover other sides of Sardinia

If you are passionate about cycling, you are definitely in the right place! Sardinia has invested in a project to promote cycle tourism, building a wide network of bike paths 2.000 km long!

Club Esse, which own 8 resorts in the north of Sardinia, could be perfect for a sport holiday because strongly support this kind of tourism. Customers can rent quality bikes and ride along personalized itineraries. More in detail, Club Esse resorts Gallura and Posada host the Bike Academy, where kids and adults can attend specialized courses according to their preferences and experiences. It is possible to book a holiday riding from a facility to another without worrying about the suitcase, a van will bring them directly to your next destination.

Source: Club Esse

Those who travel with their own bicycle will be also able to use services like skilled assistance stuff, bicycle repair service, laundry, map and navigation services and much more. Riding from Santa Teresa di Gallura to Costa Smeralda, exploring amazing places and looking the sea. Can you imagine something better for your sport holiday?

Do you want to have a break from the beach? Your sport holiday continues at high altitude, but don’t forget to keep a pair of hiking boots or sneakers with you! If you love hiking, the Gennargentu Massif hosts the highest peaks of the Island: a wild and unspoiled place where you will find gorges and canyons to explore. An excellent option is the itinerary from Funtana Bona to Genna Duio.


Then we have Supramonte, a natural scenery characterized by cliffs, gorges and canyons, karst springs, spectacular cave systems and woods of great naturalistic importance.

The area around Viddalba (Gallura) offers beautiful hiking trails too, thanks to the charming paths along Mount Ruiu. There are also more adventurous ways for enthusiastic climbers who want to reach the summit of the mountains.