The storyteller of Made in Italy

In the year of Expo the University of Urbino had launched a new course to train students for a profession that is directly linked to...

Wine Storyteller

In the year of Expo the University of Urbino had launched a new course to train students for a profession that is directly linked to the Italian tradition of food and well-being: the storyteller of Made in Italy.

Storyteller, multiple jobs opportunities

The new course, presented during the Expo, is called “Narratore del gusto e della cultura, Comunicatore del benessere, Selezionatore delle tipicità italiane” (that we might translate as a “Storyteller of taste and culture, communicator of well-being and selector of Italian authentic products); the course will be held within the Corso di Alta Formazione (High Training School) of the prestigious college in Urbino. Admission requests can be submitted until Sept. 5th.

“This new profession will have multiple job opportunities in the food industry, in hotels and restaurants and in the larger eno-gastronomic tourism sector”, says Rodolfo Coccioni, professor at the Università di Urbino. “It’s the first time ever that such a course has been created – globally – and it will establish a direct link with all the related industries”. In fact, the Corso di Alta Formazione will set up a network of agencies, food industries and international teachers.

New figure meets old traditions

Food and wine represent a huge part in Italy’s richness: the country is a haven of top quality food and wine. The new “Narratore del gusto” will be tasked with  capitalizing the  5 T’s: Tradition, Territory, Transparence, Traceability and all that is authentically Italian (“Typical”).

“The course is intended for all graduates who don’t have a job or who want to change their current profession”, adds Prof. Coccioni. “It’s a role that companies already request in Italy and abroad and our course fills a gap by offering adequate training”. The large food and wine industry – including food and wine tourism – is one of the most dynamic economic sectors in Italy; at the same time companies abroad look for this new role as they need a professional who is able to “tell” the Italian product.

Telling the future of the Made in Italy

“Telling the stories of our products is an art we still have to learn”, according to Prof. Coccioni. “Most of all we still have to fully understand the link between the product and the earth. From the characteristics of the soil to the historic and cultural context, the storyteller will help shape the Italian top-quality products and drive their growth. Italy has quality in so many areas, from art to landscape, from history to territory and soil – a soil that makes our food and wine unique”.

The new “Narratore del gusto” will be able to “tell” our good products, select the Italian “typical” food and wine, recognize quality and authenticity and link the product with the territory and its history; he/she will “communicate well-being”, using all five senses to help appreciate and enjoy food and wine in all their aspects, and have the vision to see what the foods of tomorrow will be, always preserving quality and “Made in Italy”.