10 facts about Florence you did not know

Florence is one of the most fascinating Italian cities. Even though it is famous all over the world, most of the people think of the...

The view on Florence from Duomo cathedral

Florence is one of the most fascinating Italian cities. Even though it is famous all over the world, most of the people think of the same well-known things when it comes to Florence. We have selected 10 curious fact about the Tuscan capital which we thought you might find interesting. Get ready to some unexpected discoveries!

Not all the roads lead to Rome

It were the Florentine craftsmen in the far 1339  to start paving the city roads with the stone blocks we are so familiar with even nowadays.

The confusing streets of Florence

Since we started to talk about the roads, it would be useful to know that it very easy to get lost in Florence. The same street may have different names in different areas.

The streets of Florence
The streets of Florence

Try to pay attention to the street names and make sure you have a paper map with you when you visit Florence.

What the Italian language actually is

The language we now call “Italian” was actually created by Dante Alighieri at the beginning of the XXIV century. In his work Divine Comedy he has mixed the south Italian dialects with his mother tongue – the Florentine dialect.  The result became the base for the modern classical Italian language.

A hometown of the world celebrities

From the XXIV until the XXVIII century the well-known Medici family lived in Florence. What is more, such geniuses as Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, Donatello, Machiavelli, Roberto Cavalli and Guccio Gucci were born in Florence.

Mission impossible

The famous Duomo cathedral in Florence has 463 stone stairs. If you manage to make it to the top of the cathedral, you’d get a chance to have a closer look at the main fresco of Duomo – The Last Judgement by Michelangelo and also to enjoy the panoramic view on the city.

The famous gelato

Italian gelato
Italian gelato

We all know the unforgettable taste and the colourful appearance of this Italian desert. But do you know where it was invented? At the beginning of the XXVI century the Medici family asked Bernardo Buontalenti to organize a banquet for the Spanish King. He did. And for the desert he presented his new sweet icy and creamy invention. The one we call Italian gelato.

A paradise for the antique shops connoisseurs

Florence is full of places where you can buy something unique or vintage. Among those, for example, the Ciompi Market on the Ciompi Square , Antiques Market in Fortezzada Basso and Santo Spirito Market on the Santo Spirito Square.

A golden bridge

The only bridge in Florence that was not destroyed but the Germans during the World War II is Ponte Vecchio (the “Old Bridge”). Hitler himself said it was “too beautiful to be destroyed”. Today it is a place where the best Florentine jewellers sell their artworks. We especially recommend you to visit it at sunrise or at sunset.

Modern art

Many of you know that Florence is full of classic Renaissance artworks. But it is also ful of modern art and not many know that. Modern artworks can be found in various bars, hotels and restaurants, such as Astor Café, Gallery Hotel Art, Rex Cafe and many more.

Parties in the squares

Florence - a party in the square
In the square

As we already said in one of our recent articles, “Let’s go to the square” is a very typical invitation for an Italian. Florence is especially famous for open-air jazz festivals, concerts and other events. Try passing by the Ghiberti Square, Ciompi Square, Pitti Square and Santo Spirito Square.