Top haunted places in Italy – Part 2

The haunted places Last week we published the first part of the Top 5 haunted places in Italy. Here is the continuation...

haunted places

The haunted places

Last week we published the first part of the Top 5 haunted places in Italy. Here is the continuation of the list of the most mysterious and abandoned places.

Curon Venosta: a church in the middle of a lake

The church of Curon in the middle of the lake
The church of Curon

An artificial dam constructed in Curon Venosta (or Graun im Vinschgau in German) led to a partial disappearance of the town. Curon is situated in the province of Bolzano in the Northern Italian region of Trentino-Alto Adige.

In the 1948-1950 the electricity company Montecatini designed and realized a huge dam that united Resia and Curon lakes actually submerging under the water a part of the Curon Venosta town. To be precise more than 150 houses and 50 ha of agricultural area was covered by water. The only building that was not completely covered and still can be seen on the lake surface is the high church. The Curon Venosta church in the middle of a lake is actually a popular tourist attraction, especially during the winter when the visitors can come closer to it walking on the frozen lake.

the curch of Curon in winter

Fabbriche di Careggine: appears and disappears every 10 years

Fabbriche di careggine

Another “victim” of an artificial dam is a Tuscan village Fabbriche di Careggine in the province of Lucca. On the 3rd of July 1947 the village was submerged in the artificial lake Vagli. It’s interesting that since then every 10 years the lake was drained for the service works, so the village emerged and disappeared again and again. The last draining however was done in the 1994 and for the bureaucratic reasons the communal administration still is not sure when the service works are going to be resumed.

Fabbriche di careggine

Camillo Benso’s residence: a place where art sleeps

Haunted places

The fifth and last one of the Italian haunted places is the residence place of one of the spearheads of the Italian Unity, Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour, that was bought by his family in the 1822.

In the Italian Unity period Camillo experimented new cultivation techniques in this place. Nowadays the residence is abandoned and there are no limits to access it. It is full of artworks, some of which are, unfortunately, damaged by vandals.

Haunted places

Haunted places