Vertus, the Italian specialist of reindustrialization

Even in a challenging economic environment as today's, investing in Italy can be worthwhile. That's the strong belief behind the Italian advisory...


Even in a challenging economic environment as today’s, investing in Italy can be worthwhile. That’s the strong belief behind the Italian advisory company Vertus: founded five years ago by Alessandro Ielo and Zandonini Gutris, who are now its managing partners.

Vertus thinks that Italy deserves investments

Vertus’s core business is finding entrepreneurs willing to invest in Italy and its local communities and to manufacture in the country using plants undergoing dismissions, restructuring or delocalization processes by big companies, often multinationals. In a few words, Vertus brings back to Italy manufacturing activities that industrial behemoths are ready to close down or move to other countries.

The national relevance

Zandonini Gutris - Vertus
Zandonini Gutris

“Unfortunately there are many examples of big companies shutting down their manufacturing plants, including Electrolux, Merloni, Whirpool, Fiat Termini Imerese”, says Alessandro Ielo. “We have succeeded in serving a large client base of international brands, like the groups Maccaferri, Schneider, Merck, Ronal. We are working at the moment on cases of national relevance with over 1,000 direct workers affected”.
Being a specialist in the field of reindustrialization, Vertus has been also recently offering outplacement services, advisory for enterprise transactions in general and operational support to management.

A tiny company with a big mission

Alessandro Ielo - Vertus
Alessandro Ielo

“Our strength lies in being focused on reindustrialization and in our unique method of research”, points out Zandonini Gutris. “We are still a small company, with just a staff of ten people, but this only makes us more agile, even in price”.
Companies closing down can benefit from a win-win solution when they opt for reindustrialization: their brand good name is preserved and conflicts with workers’ unions are limited. The companies that take their place are usually smaller and don’t have neither the means and resources nor the interest to invest abroad and manage their production overseas: on the contrary, they want to keep manufacturing in Italy. It’s a winning solution for workers, communities and the entire country as well.
“Unlike other European countries, the Italian government is too lax with companies delocalizing or closing down plants and offers too little incentives for companies investing in Italy creating business and jobs”, adds Zandonini Gutris. “Vertus believes in supporting the Italian manufacturing industry, as a pillar of the entire economy“.

Italy is not alone

Other countries are going in the same direction: the USA have embarked in an ambitious plan of reverse-offshoring and the EU has set up the goal to bring manufacturing back to 20% of European Gdp by 2020. “We support these policies”, says Alessandro Ielo: “Italy is the second manufacturing power in Europe, we have the skills and the industrial districts and, of course, a well-recognized brand: Made in Italy is a winner all over the world.

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