WeBeers, e-shop your favorite Italian craft beer

Italian business incubator Digital Magics has launched WeBeers, a startup that has developed an e-commerce platform to discover and buy the best of...


Italian business incubator Digital Magics has launched WeBeers, a startup that has developed an e-commerce platform to discover and buy the best of Italy’s artisanal beers.

Founded in Milan by young brothers Alberto Maria and Giammarco Maria Gizzi, WeBeers puts on display and sells selected Italian craft beers from exclusive producers from the whole country.

WeBeers, a platform for smaller producers of excellence

It’s a website for beer enthusiasts who appreciate excellent products with a distinctive flavor and taste but also a dedicated platform for beer craftsmen who have a harder time selling through standard outlets like supermarkets. Ordering is easy: anyone can register for free on the website and pay by credit card, prepaid card, or a Paypal account. Customers will be able to make their purchase by choosing from the “weekly special” or by subscribing to the site; this option will give them access to free shipping and more offers.WeBeers

The website includes a blog with news from the world of Italy’s artisanal beer makers, that WeBeers describes as professionals who can put flavors and scents of their territory into their products.

The team of WeBeers tests every product before putting it on the platform and it’s constantly searching for new artisanal beers of excellence across Italy. The company uses a special packaging for a safe delivery of beer bottles.

A journey to discover Italian quality and tradition in beer

Business incubator Digital Magics – which acquired a 40% share of the startup – is accelerating its growth and supporting its strategic and technological development. One of the goals is to expand the offer abroad.

“WeBeers has an innovative business model for the beer industry”, says Edmondo Sparano, Chief Digital Officer and Board member, Digital Magics. “We want to apply to artisanal beer the same models used for wine, creating a customer journey that helps them discover, explore and learn about the product. WeBeers’ users are usually in their 30s to 50s, familiar with shopping online but who also expect the quality typical of Italy’s Food&Drink tradition”.

The ambition to become a reference point in a booming market

Fondatori WeBeers
Alberto Maria Gizzi and Giammarco Maria Gizzi

“Our ambition is to become a reference point for all the lovers of Italian craft beer but also for those who have never approached this world”, say Alberto Maria Gizzi and Giammarco Maria Gizzi, founders and co-CEOs, WeBeers. “Seven out of ten Italians drink beer and focus on quality and tradition is growing. Exports of Italian artisanal beer are experimenting double-digit growth; around 50% of Italy’s craft beers is sold to the UK”.

As a matter of fact, a study by Astra/AssoBirra revealed that exports of Italian artisanal beers grew by 27% in the first five months of 2015 compared to the same period of 2014. Italy has over 1,000 artisanal beer makers and production is growing at a +20% rate.