WeOrder, the app which ease the customers experience

A full featured software platform for desktop and mobile devices, designed to ease the life of both venue customers and venue managers: this is WeOrder and...


A full featured software platform for desktop and mobile devices, designed to ease the life of both venue customers and venue managers: this is WeOrder and it’s all Made in Italy. Co-founded by Tobia Loschiavo CTO, 13 years experience in software development, and Federico Andrioli COO, 14 years experience in web development and project management, it has launched in Itay, Denmark and Uk but will roll-out soon in additional countries.

WeOrder, happier customers and more efficiency

Tobia Loschiavo

WeOrder wants to give anyone faster, smarter and easier order experiences at bars, cafés, pubs, clubs, diners and restaurants or any other venues that is serving guests in any way. Through the WeOrder app, customers get the venue menu and, at the same time, order and pay for their orders, all hassle free. Venues are equipped with a backend for menu creations, order processing, an NFC+QRcode-based table location system, food allergens analysis, deals/loyalty tools, proximity marketing tools and in-depth venue analytics. By easing the ordering experience and maximazing staff efficiency, WeOrder will bring more returning and happy customers and it will also help obtain higher table turn numbers, bringing higher revenues.

No more long waiting times for order or pay

An example? Francois in France comes to his local café, Francesca Noir. He sits down outside and wants to order a quick lunch, but either no waiter sees him or they are all busy…He then sees the WeOrder table stand, where he reads that he can order and pay right away with his smartphone. He gets the café menu, tapping the NFC chip embedded in the table stand or scanning the QRcode, then he finds and pays for his food and drinks all via the WeOrder app: faster, smarter, easier. The venue gets notified inside on their tablet or POS system and processes the order. Francois gets served and enjoys his lunch, all without leaving his seat.
“Do you remember those long waiting times in a venue before someone show up to take your order? That won’t ever happen again. Order as soon as you sit at the table, on the way to the venue or from your home. See the suggestions and get recommended based on your personal taste or those of your friends”, explains WeOrder. “Forget your wallet and pay directly with your phone. It’s simple and secure”.

Federico Andrioli

WeOrder among the most promising Italian StartUp

WeOrder was Finalist at 4 major startups events: Startup weekend, Seedcamp, Mind the bridge, Foodtech Challenge. WeOrder was also selected among the 15 most promising Italian tech startups during the recent VentureOutItaly event, the NY Market Accelerator program for Italian tech startups, hosted by The Italian Business & Investment Initiative (IB&II) and took part in IB&II’s one week US business expansion program. IB&II is focused on mobilizing Italian leaders in business and government to improve the Italian economy through vital investments in potential growth industries, such as high-tech sector. Established in 2010 by Fernando Napolitano, a 20 year veteran of Booz Allen Hamilton, IB&II aims to shine a light on the vibrant Italian economy just beneath the surface of a challenging financial climate – led by Italy’s 5 million Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and innovative start-ups, known for their niche specialization and the quality and reliability of their products and that constitute the backbone of Italy’s export-led economy.